Saturday, March 24, 2012


-I've fallen in love- again. My newest love is a little mini, with a tiny dimple and a huge smile. Yes, that is love number 3 of my life.
-I didn't know my heart could hold so much love.
-I don't know which is better: 2 year old hugs or 2 month old hugs.
-I could hold both of my littles all day, if they'd let me (and Bri too. I just need another arm.)
-Your hands Elias, are beautifully different than Norah's and I find myself staring at them. Hers are so dainty and feminine and yours are wide and thick. I LOVE them.
-Norah, your hugs are more meaningful than ever. I know they come out of sheer sincerity and need to receive love. I know my time is divided, but I love you more than I ever have.
-One of my most recent, greatest joys, is watching you, Norah, take care of Elias. I love when you bring him his binki or say, "Oh it's OK buddy. I'm here." I love it.



Skylar and Sabrina said...

I love this. So sweet!

April said...

I love reading your words about motherhood :) Your children are beautiful, I hope I get to meet them one day!