Sunday, February 3, 2013

Realizations and Affirmations

Dear Norah and Elias-
  Last night we had dinner with some good friends.  They are the type of friends who are fun, entertaining and good company, laced with a great amount of depth and wisdom.  They are friends you hope to keep forever, because when you talk to them, you feel like a better person.  As we spoke I had so many realizations and affirmations and I wanted to share a couple. 
1) I have a lot to learn and a lot of growing and discovering to do as a mother.  I'll be honest sweet kids, I don't know what I am doing.  I feel like I am constantly experimenting, while hoping and praying that I am doing the right things. 
2) I am so grateful that although I am clueless as a mother, I have God.  The revelation that I can and do receive from from Him will make up for my glaring weaknesses.  I appreciate that through His example as a parent and His teachings through Jesus Christ, prophets and apostles, I am not alone on this trail of motherhood.  I have experienced, wise leaders and GODS who can guide me.  What an incredible gift.
3) I love you two.  You and your Daddy are my joy.  I wake up daily for you, to be with you.  You all make me laugh and thank God for the goodness in my life.
4) Life is good and rich.  There are many unknowns in our country right now and I am often hit by waves of fear, for our future.  As I spoke with our friends, they reminded me how rich and good life is- even with it's ups and downs and potential pains.  After all, it is in future unrest and future trials, that my faith in God and Christ will be tested and will be my balm of Gilead. 

  Elias and Norah- I love you.  Life is rich, God is real and I am learning.  Those are the lessons learned and affirmed, in a fabulous 5 hours at PF Changs, with beautiful friends. 

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